Vimeo URL: Corey Byrne Cinematography Reel

Title: Corey Byrne Cinematography Reel 2016”

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Locations: Hudson, Ma; Mount Vernon, ME


My 2016 reel showcases a couple of narrative pieces I worked on throughout the year, titled “Doppelganger” and “Master of Flames.” Doppelganger was an entirely solo piece, where I performed all cinematography, writing, editing, directing and acting; whereas Master of Flames I had a crew of three (including the actor) that aided with writing and lighting. In both pieces, I was able to implement unconventional techniques to achieve goals due to a limited crew and nearly non-existent budget, so outdoor lighting was composed almost entirely of lanterns, torches, and battery powered work lights found around a typical garage.

The light-hearted nature of both pieces allowed for a bit of silliness in the script, but I had also implemented a bit of the uncanny juxtaposed with the light hearted moments to create unease in the audience. Doppelganger was shot/edited with a low contrast in mind to give the forest a dark and depressing tone whereas Master of Flames visually focused on single lights with a dark backdrop to pull the audience attention to the subject.

In terms of plot, Doppelganger was centered around the idea that the man running through the forest was in search for his Doppelganger in hopes to stop it from spreading tragedy under his name. Master of the Flames was more of a technical proof of concept, focusing on the apprentice of fire performing the tasks needed to further acquaint himself to nature.