About Me

Welcome all! My name is Corey Byrne and I am both a cinematographer and an editor; I’ve been interested in film production for as long as I can remember. Starting with just a cheap JVC camcorder, a few friends, and Magix Movie Maker,  I began experimenting with content creation around the age of ten.

The Filmmaker Begins

Although my projects were childlike and immature I began quickly experimenting with the implementation of both practical and digital effects as well as camera movement to create compelling and interesting pieces. I still remember buying my first green scree

A shot of myself in a recent project.

n and thinking that chroma keying was the most advanced effect anyone could ever implement…I was ten, remember.

The Filmmaker Rises

Time passed and my interest in content creation did not waiver, so I began to evolve along with my tools moving towards a Canon T3i DSLR accompanied with the Adobe film production suite (Premiere, Audition, After Effects). I started thinking about what I was shooting as opposed to just taking my camera and filming; if I was going to create a coherent piece then I had to know exactly what I was going to film and how. I started learning more about manual camera settings (focus, exposure, ISO), how important lighting and audio were, and how to create clean and interesting edits.

The Revelation

I couldn’t think of another Batman reference

This was around the time that I discovered the beauty of the internet in regards to distributing independent content, YouTube became my sanctuary. I would consume hours of content each day and pick apart what I loved about the different videos I was watching. I started reading up on analytics and how content gets to the audience. Analytics were interesting (I know, an overwhelmingly “geek” thing to say) and partnered with my love for creating small-form content I had found my home.

At the end of the day I just love to entertain, and I believe that content creation is the means in which I am destined to do so.