The Gallows Review

The Gallows antagonist

A bit of the same, with horror so real.


Albeit I have a tendency to be biased towards found footage films, I did find that “The mv5bmza4yzgwzdatnmq5ns00nzdilthkndgtzmnhmdzkztbinwmzxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymji3nze4mtm-_v1_sx1777_cr001777999_al_Gallows” was a worth-while experience despite its flaws. Without spoiling the central premise of the plot, the film bases itself on a  “true” (not actually true) play aptly named “The Gallows” of which was the catalyst for a tragedy that occurred many years before the film takes place. I believe that the film does a fantastic job reference the reality that it creates, doing so with such expertise that the audience feels as though “The Gallows” could be real. I’d give “The Gallows” a 3/5, a worthwhile watch on a cold, dark night.



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