You’re probably wondering what this site is and how you got here. Well, you’ve come across Corey Byrne’s portfolio; a portfolio that showcases his talents as a content creator, Cinematographer, and Editor. As to how you got here it can be assumed that you had typed something along the lines of “Need help finding a talented individual with a sense of humor to aid in my content creation;” that’s just speculation though.

Joking aside…

This is where you should be if you’re in search of someone with an understanding of online content creation and distribution as well as a core understanding of website analytics. The internet is steadily becoming this generation’s entertainment hub and both individuals looking to “get their name out there” and brick-and-mortar production studios are investing in this relatively new medium. Regardless of which category you may fall into getting started in this field is unrestricted and the possibilities are endless, almost too endless; it is actually at the point where anyone can post a video, which is both a blessing and a curse for you. The question then becomes “How do I stand out among the rest?”

Well, that’s why you’re here.

Where do you go from here? Well you could check out About Me to learn a bit more about this stranger’s experience, you could (and should) look at his Demo Reel, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could check out Testimonials to hear what others are saying about him. If none of that tickles your fancy and you’d much rather get in Contact with him directly, that’s okay too.